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The Nameshield team has over 80 employees distributed over France, Monaco, Benelux, the United Kingdom, Spain and Germany.

Nameshield’s accreditations:

  • 2013 ICANN accredited Registrar
  • ISO accreditation
  • gTLDs, ccTLDs and new gTLDs accreditation
  • TMCH and DPML agent

Our approach

  • Combined vision of online intellectual property assets (brands, trademarks and domain names)
  • Customer focus & high quality service
  • Soup-to-Nuts service (from portfolio audit, naming strategy to domain name monitoring and, a fully featured range of brand protection services)
  • Professional, experienced and above all reliable experts
  • Our services simplify your life and keep your brands safe online

Our services… to make your life easier and secure your brands online

  • Dedicated in-house experts to offer business continuity and confidentiality of your projects
  • Online domain names and trademark databases coupled to a powerful search engine
  • Online fully customisable domain name management platform
  • State-of-the-art, online Brand protection tools
  • Specialist Legal team experienced in domain recovery and IP actions
  • Intuitive workflow management tool for domain name and zone management
  • IP monitoring tools and competitive business intelligence
  • Premium email and DNS services
  • Full suite range of security (SSL) certificates (Symantec – Thawte – GeoTrust)
Nameshield is your international partner of choice to protect your Brand on the Internet.
Leading edge, customer focused and utterly reliable, Nameshield’s services will adapt perfectly to your needs.

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